Nasionalis Pemuda Indonesia

Sebuah Syair Perjuangan

Kepada para mahasiswa yang merindukan kejayaan
Kepada rakyat yang kebingungan di persimpangan jalan

Kepada pewaris peradaban yang telah menggoreskan
Sebuah catatan kebanggaan dilembar sejarah manusia

Wahai kalian yang rindu kemenangan
Wahai kalian yang turun ke jalan
Demi mempersembahkan jiwa dan raga
Untuk negeri tercinta


About diannisa

I've never done cruel things or badness. What I do is out for become one who good, a lot of helping people. I am non type one who take a fancy to hypocrisy, dislike, libel and the unrighteous things, as well as liking with too things brighten up. I like with food, its true. But that non something matter which need to lose face or blamed, rite? Just call me foodism. I wish recognized by a many people but really, I dont look for street quickly popularities, I wish they recognize because Im wat Im. Clearly, I love myself by xself, I like by His gift.. Satisfy. Well, it is true not yet enough ( there're no human being enough satisfy), but I out for esteem it. View all posts by diannisa

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